Chiel Nugter is a Dutch composer/guitarist. His genre can be best described as Neo-classical and Romantic. As a child Chiel Nugter composed over a thousand melodies. Around his 25th encouraged by his former girlfriend he decided to do something with his enormous archive of melodies. In 2017 Chiel wrote a piece for the symphony orchestra Toermalijn in honor of the Jewish commemoration in camp Vught. In 2020 Chiel created works for the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch inspired by cultural-historical events and buildings related to the city. In the same year Chiel and Iris van Nuland made a neo-classical album:” Vannatuure”, where mainly the two instruments classical guitar and violin can be heard. His newest album is called: “Masquerade”. Inspired by the atmosphere of Venice and the Mediterranean sea. For this album he worked together with the ZOEF ensemble, flutist: Floortje de La Fosse and pianist: Chris van de Kuilen. In 2022 this ensemble of musicians premiered under the name of: “Ensemble Chiel Nugter” in the Royal Concert Hall Amsterdam.

Chiel Nugter Componist